Butter Croissants and Pains au Chocolat!

So I have to admit, I wish I took French in high school, everything sounds so much cooler! For instance, I made butter croissants and chocolate filled croissants, but saying pains au chocolat sounds so sophisticated!

Actually, I made raspberry and chocolate filled croissants! I used the croissant dough recipe from epicurious.com, which is one of my favorite recipe sites! Anyways, Nancy Silverton posted this recipe in October 2000 and after reading the reviews and the recipe about a hundred times (yes that is an exaggeration), I decided to try it. Further motivation to make these came from the fact that my dad absolutely LOVES butter croissants and my youngest brother asked me if we could make something (together!!!) that was chocolatey with a hint of raspberry!

So I made this dough, following the recipe pretty closely… my mom made her own brown sugar though, mixing molasses with white sugar… and I also did not cool in the fridge for an hour between folds. I did about 20 to 30 minutes. And then while baking, I forgot that I needed time to let it rise after you made the croissant shapes, so I slept in… then I just put the croissants in the oven at around 100 degrees to have them rise for like 5 minutes in a warmer environment. I used half the dough to make plain butter croissants and the other half of the dough I spread some raspberry preserve on it and sprinkled some semi-sweet chocolate chips! They both came out amaaaazing!!! :D 

I ate 3 and am stuffed and don’t think I’m going to touch another one until tomorrow. But let’s be honest, food like this does not tend to last in my house for longer than a day! 

And again, please pardon the quality of the pictures… I had to use my computer once again! I couldn’t wait to find the camera I was too excited about how these turned out!

Pains au Chocolat et aux Framboises

Butter Croissants



Recipe for the croissant dough


Recipe for the butter croissants:


Recipe for the chocolate filled croissants:


Mind you, I did not spritz my oven. I kind of used a ruler… I did not give sufficient time to rise. I did not cool long enough between folds. I guesstimated the shapes. And I made up stuffings for the croissants… moral of the story: You can follow the recipe for the most part, your croissants should still come out delicious. The most important part is to make sure you fold the dough 4 times! That is how you get those delicious buttery flaky layers that just melt in your mouth!

I also made the folds last night and then let the dough cool/rise a litte in the fridge over night! 

But speaking of buttery, I may cut it down to 2 sticks… just cause mine came out a little too buttery for my taste… but some people like it like that! 

All in all, when I have the time and an awesome kitchen space like my mother’s, I will definitely make this recipe again. :D :D :D Also my father totally approves! He said they tasted better than the ones we buy from the store/bakery… so yay! :D (But he also agrees on the butter… none of us are trying to make Paula Deen style croissants! :P)